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Pixel Cows'

Bird Control

Bird Control is an old prototype brought back from our basement as an entry for #flappyjam! Although the visuals kinda remind Flappy Bird, the gameplay is actually quite different - but rest assured, your dose of frustration and infuriating difficulty shall be served as one would expect. Muhuhohahaha!

In a lazy afternoon of 2006, we developed this odd prototype where you were this bird that at first was very very hard to control, but once you got the hang of it, it was quite pleasurable and you got to move really fast. I never had the patience to handle the collisions, so I made that if the bird collided with any object, the game simply closed back to desktop (yes, instadeath came in as an unintentional mechanic). After it became somewhat of a fever among a few close friends, with emails containing replay files coming back and forth, we decided to make it into a full game, butwe were very inexperienced back then and the game strayed further and further away from the original prototype's 'infuriating but fun' flavor, to the point where we abandoned it altogether and transitioned to other game ideas. With all the recent fuss around Flappy Bird, we thought it was time to ressurrect this old beloved prototype, rename it (the original name wasn't family-friendly), and remake the art to our current standards.

We hope you enjoy dying over and over again it as much as we do! :)